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Dear Lea & Jim,

Thanks for the email. Just wanted to let you know that I am using my wipes and they do everything you said!! I look forward to getting more tips in the future.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy St. Patricks' Day.

Kind regards,



I just want to thank you for your wonderful wipes. We used them for various purposes.

What amazed us is, it rinses clean with water only, after wiping up Hungarian chicken paprika's. We know that paprika stains EVERYTHING permanently.

No so with with "ekko magic"!!!!

Thank you again

Istvan & his wonderful lady!

Good morning Lea

As I mentioned to you at the markets the other day we recently used ekkomagic wipes in an emergent situation. My elderly father was in my car which has cloth door inserts when he bumped his elbow and it bled quite profusely. As we were away from home we had little available and ended up finding the small bag of wipes in the bottom of one of our handbags – one was used as a dressing on Dad’s elbow (attached with a couple of bandaids) and the other was used to ‘suck’ the blood out of the door. This worked exceptionally well and with a couple of rinses under the tap we were able to clean the door/seat perfectly.


Regards Jacky

Thank You! I have already found the product to be extremely handy. I was skeptical at first that a small bundle could do as described. But it does!!

Best wishes and Good Luck! Lorice Pratt

Hi Lea,
1 2 3 Ekko Magic..Wipes the sticky and the smell right off my baby, no burning or stinging from pre moistened wipes for this beautiful little face just soft cotton and clean water.

As a mother of as 6 month old baby girl, I recommend carrying a packet of 'Ekko Magic' wipes in baby's nappy-bag. I find them very useful in cleaning up all of baby's different messy moments. I particularly like 'Ekko Magic' wipes to clean my daughter's face and hands (and the surrounds!) after her meal of baby rice cereal. The cereal is really sticky and 'Ekko Magic' wipes are great to have on hand because they work really well and help eliminate yucky smells. They are also great used as a bib.
Mrs Alison Nawirridj Leanyer.

Hi Lea,                                      Ekko's on the Kokoda Track

I hope you can use some of these. It's called "spot the ekkos " (visible in about 6 of them I think).

We used them for sweat rags, keeping the vital satellite phone clean and dry, educating the locals in their use, cleaning boots, bathing, hand hygiene before meals, in the kitchen, tending sore feet, polishing fruit from the village markets, cleaning utensils, emergency bandage, and many other uses including unmentionables!!

Regards, Ron Carr

G’Day, My name is Luke,
I’ve been doing horticulture ct2 course and one of the things that we’ve learnt and need to know is about how to save water, especially while you’re planting: seeds, seedlings, shrubs, trees, cuttings and also propagating. And a few weeks ago I went through the Sunday markets around Brisbane and found something I haven’t seen before. I was curious about the product and when I found out just what the ‘ekkoTM magic’ could be used for I was gob smacked. But anyway I took them to show my boss and told ‘him’ all about it and he was also curious about the product, so the next day I found a few different types of uses for the “ekkoTM magic” to: cover plant cuttings to keep them moist so they don’t dry out, and also for “planting” seeds/cuttings to allow just enough water so they also won’t dry out from all the latest humidity and hot sunlight, and also I’ve found out that plant roots can simply break through the cloth and just keep naturally growing. I’ve also found them quite useful to wack one in my pocket when ever I go outside for a while, so I can use it as a face/neck cooler. I’d certainly recommend these ‘ ekkoTM magic’ to all nurseries/horticulturalist that are trying to save water, especially in an eco friendly way.
Mr Luke Houben

Hi my name is Chris and I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product ekko magic. We use them for all our cleaning with wonderful results, however, the thing that has blown us away is we tried cleaning the glass on the inside of our wood fire heater. Usually we use 5-6 pieces of paper towel or 2 chux cloths plus a final wipe with paper towel and Windex to get the glass shining, then throw them away, it is impossible to remove the black from the chux. We used 1 (one) ekko magic cloth, first wipe took 98% of the black off, rinsed the cloth out, no stain, and a final wipe over the glass and rinsed again. The cloth was spotlessly clean, my glass was shiner than ever. Just a fabulous product
Thanks again
Christine Dawe

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product 'ekko magic'. I find them very handy and keep them in both cars, my handbag, and boat. They worked wonders at my son’s motocross race for cleaning face and number plate between races. You can imagine how muddy he gets, and I felt confident throwing them away knowing that they are biodegradable. I’m sure I will be getting more soon and have sent many friends to you.
Thanks again
Glennis Taylor

I really wanted to let you know what a wonderful product you have in 'ekko magic'. I work in demolition and get very grubby and grimy. Ekko comes in handy when we stop for lunch and I can give myself a quick wipe over before I begin to eat. I also have 2boys who dance and they love the ekko's as they get very hot when rehersing/practicing and it is also excellent for make up removal when performing. I love that they are so small and can be used anywhere and I also think the price is a very fair one as a packet of a hundred lasts a couple of months.
Again thank you for this brilliant little product.
Fiona Cobb
Broken Hill