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  Together we are

“helping  to clean up our planet one little wipe at a time”

 Saves You Time Money & Effort

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You won’t get harassed to buy more Ekkos

You won’t get offered a free set of steak knives!

You will get good old fashioned value for money and gratitude for helping us to help our planet.

Start getting  your ekko hints and tips today .

Thank you for joining our team. “Together we are making a difference”

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??Did you Know Ekkos are reusable and can be used for any thing?

??Did you Know Ekkos are pure cotton fibre not fabric?

??Did you Know pure cotton fibre doesn’t wear out degrade or deteriorate

                              until it is back in the ground? That is why when your ekko looks extremely worn

                              it is still performing well and highly absorbent

Don’t worry I really don’t think the cotton growers knew that either.

Join the Ekko Green Team and receive handy hints that will help you get the most out of every Ekko.

Our Green Team survey results show:

96% of Team members are using ekkos in ways other than what they first bought them for.

20% of new members were introduced to ekkos by a friend.

100% found the hints of value.

98% would recommend ekkos and the Green Team program to their friends

89% would recommend to an acquaintance.

79% have tried 5 or more of the hints.

Ekko International launched The Green Team in May 2008 – this program is a world first initiative.

At Ekko International our customers and our environment are very important to us.  We have designed the Green Team program to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.  The more you use ekko's the more uses you’ll find, and the more uses you find the less cans, bottles and plastic containers you’ll buy and throw away each week, greatly reducing your carbon footprint while at the same time saving time, money and effort.

The Green Team has been designed to help you  get the best value out of every ekko you use.  As a company our overall goal is to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint / urban waste and in doing so effectively reduce ours.  This program is generating a wave of positive word of mouth about ekko with more and more people being introduced by their friends.

There is no cost or purchase required to register.  We appreciate you may want to start receiving your hints before you make a purchases so you can learn more about ekko.

The Green Team Program is a product education program not a sales program.  Over a ten week period you will receive 12 handy hints to help you get better use and value from your ekko's.  Handy hint examples: Ekko in the Garden, Ekko Windows and Mirrors, Ekko in the kitchen.

The program finishes with a quick 11 question optional survey just to let us know how you liked the program,  ending with our Green Newsletter.  At this time you will be given the option to continue to receive our Green Newsletter and Green Team only special discount offers or to opt out.

Welcome to the Green Team