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Ekkos are pure cotton fibre wipes this is what makes them  so versatile.

Ekkos can be used and re-used for many purposes; From Babies to BBQ’s, Medical uses, Cooking and preserving food, chemical free cleaning,use ekko and water on all surfaces in your home, windows, stainless steel,your car, motorbike, at work, computers TV, microscope lenses, camera lenses etc.

Ekkos rinse clean with just fresh water, blood, bacon fat, ladies make up including mascara, baby urine, onion, garlic and seafood smells all rinse out in seconds. 

Ekkos will revert back to their fibre state but are still very useable.

Ekko pure cotton fibre does not wear out, decay, degrade or deteriorate until it is back in the dirt.


*Wipe sticky fingers or use as a face cloth

*Nappy wipes – no chemicals soft & safe

*Highly absorbent to clean up little messes or spills

*Use as a personal cooler on hot days

*Use as a temporary bandage

*Use damp to sooth any wound or sun burn

*Add essential oil for a delightful in-room air freshener

*No more smelly dish cloths

*Clean windows and mirrors with just cotton and water

*Polish your jewellery and crystal when damp or dry

* Polish your eye glasses damp or dry

*Non abrasive for cleaning DVDs/CDs/LCD Screens

*Use in the garden to retain water around plant roots

*Shine your shoes or anything that needs a buff

*Use to clean your pets eyes, ears and teeth safely

*Use as a soft make-up remover

*Use with nail polish remover  

You can use ekko magic wipes any where you need a little wipe or a big wipe!!

At home, at work, at school, walking, running, biking, camping, driving, shopping, in the car, on the boat, in the caravan.

 Yes they are  re-usable.

ko magic ke .. ..


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