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Once re-hydrated ekko's can be used in many ways Personal hygiene, cleaning, polishing, Medical treatments/bandages, horticulture (use less water and get better growth) cooking and preserving food.  

At Ekko International our goals are; to reduce urban waste by offering an environmentally sound alternative to many of the products that come in environmentally harsh packaging and to ensure through customer awareness and education the cotton is seen and used as a valuable resource.

The truth behind the Magic

Ekko Magic Wipes are cotton fibre not thread, this is what makes them so high functioning in so many unrelated areas. Ekko's are made using a non-woven process leaving no way to trap dirt, stains or smells. The key to gaining the best value from each ekko is to focus on function and fibre not appearance as ekko revert to their natural fibre state you will be amazed how you can move them on to the next task and the next .  The more uses and re-uses you find for your ekko the less not-so-earth-friendly products you’ll buy saving you money,

time, and effort while actively helping to reduce urban waste and use our cotton resources wisely.

Ekkos from the earth and back.

 A picture profile

The Cotton used in the production of ekkos is sourced from cotton growers worldwide via the World Market. All Australian grown cotton is sold onto the world market. more

In the past some cotton growing practices have been environmentally unsound leading to some destruction and devastation of cotton growing fields and the surrounding water tables. Today’s cotton industry learnt from its past and developed environmentally sustainable practices which are equal to and in many case less impacting than other commercially grown crops.

Cotton is ginned and baled in the Country that it is grown. The Ginning process separates the cotton fibre from the seed, leafs, stems and trash. Once bailed it he cotton is shipped to mills around the world for processing.

While the ginning process removes some of the trash and dirt from the cotton it is the combing and carding processes that clean and prepare the cotton for use in traditional spinning and weaving textiles and the more recent non-woven applications.

During the non-woven process the carded cotton fibre is processed through a series of processes including hydro jet entanglement and roller compressing to form the spun-lace non-woven cloth.


Once formed the Spun-lace cotton cloth is folded, cut rolled and compressed to become your Ekko magic wipes.

By choosing to use ekko you are actively reducing urban waste.

However you choose to dispose of ekkos they will be completely gone

Cotton fibre to earth in just a few weeks.

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