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Ekko International Pty Ltd:

We are an  Australian Company based in Queensland. Early on we recognized the environmental disaster disposable wet wipes purposed and set about providing an alternative. 10 years later we are proved right with reports of wet wipes are clogging sewers and washing up on beaches around the world.

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While it is undoubtedly preferable to throw wet wipes into the garbage, as opposed to the toilet, it is important to note that because they are not biodegradable, they are not good for the environment on any level. The synthetic type of towelettes will take 300-500 years to disintegrate. Until then, they will simply sit in landfills.

UK's Beaches are becoming increasingly littered with wet wipes that people are flushing down the toilet. A relentless tide of wet wipes is blighting Britain’s beaches and threatening wildlife, part of a record level of rubbish along the coastline, according to a new report released by the Marine Conservation Society.

Not to mention the human toll !!

A preservative called "methylisothiazolinone" (MI) that’s widely used to keep bacteria at bay in pre-moistened wipes is being blamed for a dramatic increase in cases of contact dermatitis.

Our Mission To help our planet one little wipe at a time! By encouraging our customers to reuse their Ekko Magic Wipes as many times as they can before, disposing of them into the compost, garden or bin. We believe that one person’s good habits really can make a difference!

Ekko International is Dedicated to reducing landfill and managing our cotton resources. We attribute our strong growth to the environmental and ethical dedication of our distributors’ agents and customers.

Our Product  Ekko Magic Wipes are hygienic and earth friendly multipurpose cloths. Made using a non-woven process from 100% compressed cotton. Ekkos are chemical and preservative free making them safe for the most sensitive skin while being strong enough to clean windows and BBQ’s with just a little water.  

Environmentally Friendly

Ekkos naturally self-compost in the ground as cotton fibre in a maximum 14 weeks, making Ekkos much better for the environment than Wet Wipes, Baby Wipes Stainless Steel Wipes, all pre-wetted wipes are designed to live in a wet organic environment scientist say they will take 300-500 years to break down.

What makes us different?

It is our dedication to the environment and or ongoing efforts to clean up our planet one household at a time that has set Ekko apart from the rest. Through honest communication with our customers we are breaking down old mind sets and helping people around the world turn to green practices not because they are dedicated environmentalist but because they have proved to themselves when they use ekkos they SAVE TIME MONEY AND EFFORT.

          Ekkos are pure cotton fibre wipes this is what makes them  so versatile.

          Ekkos can be used and re-used for many purposes; From Babies to BBQ’s, Medical uses, Cooking and         preserving food, chemical free cleaning,use ekko and water on all surfaces in your home, windows,         stainless steel,your car, motorbike, at work, computers TV, microscope lenses, camera lenses etc.

           Ekkos rinse clean with just fresh water, blood, bacon fat, ladies make up including mascara, baby          urine, onion, garlic and seafood smells all rinse out in seconds. 

           Ekkos will revert back to their fibre state but are still very useable.

           Ekko pure cotton fibre does not wear out, decay, degrade or deteriorate until it is back in the dirt.